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Magic Minigolf - Golf like never before
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We are not a black light minigolf facility! We do not focus on painted walls and scented candles. For us, the gaming experience is in the foreground. Convince yourself. Every single track is an experience in itself and we guarantee you that unlike the normal minigolf or blacklight, you will have mini golf, really fun, laughing and going back with a nice memory.On it goes into the game labyrinth. Minigolf racket and ball packed. Discover the course with your friends and play up to 11 lanes in and against your team. Unique and creative tracks await you - find your balance or use the table kicker to play the ball in the hole. But first you have to think for every train, what is the task that has to be solved!Try to maneuver the ball into the goal. Individually and as a team, solve how best to get the ball into the goal. The fewer attempts you need, the sooner you will become the winner of the game. Logical thinking and teamwork lead to the goal.

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